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Dog training

ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo Dog Training - How to train a dog to give paw

Welcome to my dog training blog!

The people usually fall in love with well-trained and socialized dogs. But, in the majority of cases, they do not know how much work is behind such a dog. Each dog lover would like to take home a cute puppy and expects it will grow up into a super clever adult. Unfortunately, this is not possible without sufficient dog training. Owner´s consistency is required as well.

Basic socialization at the breeder

As soon as you take home a little puppy you should start working with it. Yes, I write WORKING even if it is much more PLAYING in the case of a small puppy. If you have your puppy from an excellent breeder – by the age of 8 weeks it will be already socialized to many things. It will not be afraid of strange noises and things in your household like the vacuum cleaner, hair drier, washing machine, etc. At the same time, it will be able to play with plenty of toys. The puppies at the breeder should learn how to share their toys. Thus you can later avoid dog fight for a ball. And of course, human contact with the puppies as well as the presence of their mother is a must.

Does your puppy follow you?

For sure your well prepared 8 weeks old puppy will know its name and will be able to follow you. If your puppy does not know these things, start to teach it its name first. You should repeat its name so often as possible by a kind gender voice so as it could connect it with something really positive. If you call your puppy by its name and it comes to you, be very happy each time the puppy gets to you, play with it and pet it. This is the best way how to give the basics for a later command “come”.

With the help of my Cimarron Uruguayo dogs and also with the co-operation of EADD CHANNEL I will show you step by step how to train your puppy.
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