Cimarron Uruguayo

Cimarron Uruguayo

The dog, which will read your mind, feel exactly the same, what you feel, will be eager to please and even willing to die for you! Short this is how I would characterize a cimarron!

cimarron uruguayo cerberus illusion TM CIK
Cimarron Uruguayo – Tinu and Misia Maura De Aqueronte

The Cimarron Uruguayo is the national breed of Uruguay. The date 7th November 2017 is very important for the breed. That day the breed was recognized by FCI on a definitive basis within group number 2 as a molossian, mastiff type dog.

Brief history of Cimarron Uruguayo

The origin of the Cimarron Uruguayo, as the majority of the breeds, is uncertain. It is supposed to be the descendant of dogs brought to America by Spanish and Portuguese conquerors. After they returned home, they left their dogs behind and set free in the country, where they crossed among themselves. The result of the natural selection was that only the healthiest, strongest and the cleverest individuals survived.

cimarron uruguayo beowulf cerberus illusion
Beowulf Cerberus Illusion

The cimarrón (meaning: wild dog as contrary to the domesticated ones) adapted very well to the surroundings. They had plenty of food without any natural predators. As the result their numbers became a real danger; not only for the livestock, but also for people. Subsequently, the authorities ordered large killing of dogs in the country at the end of 18th and beginning of 19th century. It is told that approximately several ten thousands were roaming across the country. Some dogs could escape this “big killing” by reaching the woods of the Olimar River, the Otazo hills and the Cerros Largos. [1]


Later the inhabitants recognized the value of these dogs. They domesticated them and progressively began to use them successfully as guard dogs of their estates. Some used these dogs as herding dogs in their daily work with cattle.[1]


Just playing – fetching with a ball

As Cimarron Uruguayo is a multi-purpose working breed, they can be used for various kinds of work. They are excellent guard and protection dogs, but due to their good scent, you can use them for tracking, search and rescue or hunting (big game). In their native country they are used for herding, they serve at the police and in the Uruguayan army. In Europe, some dogs do agility, bikejoring, obedience or many other dog sports. Some prefer fetching with a ball, others love Frisbee.

They are excellent companions and family dogs as well. Cimarrons love small children and get along well with other dogs and animals. They usually live free in packs, where the tolerance of other dogs is a must. They can be easily trained. You can see several videos with cimarron uruguayo dogs here

Character of the Cimarron Uruguayo

Anakin Cerberus Illusion guarding
Anakin Cerberus Illusion guarding

For the first sight, Cimarron Uruguayo might look like a dangerous dog. But in fact, they are very kind and lovely dogs. Their heart is full of unconditional love towards their family. They usually select one family member as the most important person for who they are ready to do anything. On the other hand, you will no more need to be afraid of attack during a walk in the dark city parks. No uninvited intruder will surprise you at your own home.

Belona Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo
Belona Cerberus Illusion

Cimarron is an extremely loyal, incorruptible and thinking dog, which can evaluate the situation very well. Cimarrons can distinguish good people from those with bad intention. They do exactly what the most important task of a dog should be. They protect their owners and families. High intelligence, great courage, and well-balanced temperament belong to the characteristic features of the breed. Aggressive or overly shy dogs must be eliminated from breeding according to the FCI standard. The character of Cimarrons is described in more details at Anakin and my destiny puppy Duncan – that was the puppy whose name predicted that there can be only one.

Appearance of the Cimarron Uruguayo

ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion cimarron uruguayo
ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion – Cimarron Uruguayo

The Cimarron Uruguayo is a medium sized, compact, strong dog, with good bone and well developed muscles. This results in good mobility and agility. Height at the withers at males is from 58 to 61 cm (22,8 – 24 inches). The height in the case of females is from 55 to 58 cm (21,7 – 22,8 inches). The tolerance is at both genders ± 2 cm. Males weight from 38 to 45 kg (c. 84 – 99 pounds) and females from 33 to 40 kg (c. 73 – 88 pounds).


Anakin Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo
Anakin Cerberus Illusion

The skull is wider than long; with moderate stop. Jaws are powerful and strong. Scissor bite with strong teeth; preferably full bite. The absence of PM1 is acceptable. They have medium, almond shape eyes with inquisitive expression. The medium triangular ears are drooping not close to the cheeks or in rose shape. Uruguayans traditionally crop the ears.

Belona Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo
Belona Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo


Strong, not too long neck, broad and good length croup, level top line, medium set thick tail reaching to the hock. Deep, broad chest, reaching at least to the elbow; with well sprung (not barrel shaped) ribs. Limbs straight and parallel (viewed from the front and behind), powerful and well muscled hindquarters. Effortless movement with good reach in front and good drive behind. Parallel legs – when seen from the front and from behind. As the speed increases single tracking appear. The hair is smooth, short with undercoat. The color of the coat can be brindle or fawn, with or without the mask. White marks can appear under jaw, on the throat, fore chest, abdomen and lower part of legs.[1]

ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion cimarron uruguayo
ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion cimarron uruguayo

The complete Cimarron Uruguayo Standard.

You can read about the Cimarron Uruguayo and Cerberus Illusion also in Czech.

Author: Gabriella Hurtos, Cerberus Illusion kennel, 5th March 2019

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[1] FCI. 2017. Cimarrón Uruguayo (353).

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