Puppy choice – there can be only one

Puppy choice – there can be only one

Duncan Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo there can be only one

A long time has passed since I wrote the story of my destiny puppy. The puppy choice in D litter was not so easy for me. There were 8 beautiful puppies with wonderful character. But there was one, who wanted to be with me since the first moment, he preferred watching me working to playing with his siblings and he came to me instead of his mother. I named him Duncan (the meaning of the name is “dark warrior”). The name suited him. He was a born alpha who was fighting his mother since the beginning. He was not afraid of anybody and anything. Then, when I mentioned the name of my puppy, I heard always the same: “there can be only one”.

Duncan was a couple of weeks old so I was just smiling, “ok, so I will keep only one puppy from D litter.” But then puppies started to grow and we were playing together inside and outside as well. The first puppies moved to their new homes soon. 4 male puppies stayed at home at the age of 9 weeks. Duncan loved all those foreign people who came and took a puppy away. He was closer to his destiny – stay at home without his siblings.

There can be only one

But, at the same time, I also liked his brothers. When I told something nice to his siblings (like “you are such a clever/nice/cute puppy), he came and tried to get the puppy away from me. Once he grabbed his neck and pulled the other puppy aways, next time, he pulled his tail. He was not doing this aggressively, it looked like he was just calling his brother to play with him. I understood his behavior only later.

Duncan Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo - there can be only one

At the age of 4 months only Darius and Duncan stayed at home. Darius was the real copy anatomical copy of his father Anakin. At the same time he has just wonderful loving character. He was the puppy who you fall in love due to his character. And at the same time, he falls in absolute unconditional love with you – as owner, as the best thing he can have in his life. This was the moment each next day when Darius was with me, I love him more and more and I was thinking of keeping him at home.

Once Duncan – as a normal puppy – made something bad. Darius was with me, we were playing, he was lucky and smiling kissing me. I asked loudly “Shall I rather keep you at home instead of (or together with) Duncan?” Duncan stopped playing the bad boy, got to me, and instead of biting me (as he usually preferred to do it), he gave me millions of kisses as if telling me: “There can be only one! Me!”

Trick Dog training

lehni ANAKIN DUNCAN Cerberus Illusion cimarron uruguayo

This situation repeated twice in a couple of days. It was the moment when I asked the owners of Darius to come for him as soon as possible. I knew I would not be able to let him go to a new home if he stays any longer with me. He has the best family and I would like to thank to them for this!

Meanwhile our puppies were growing, we were playing a lot. At the same time Duncan was being “trained” (if I can call it training at all). It looked much more like I gave him a command, lured him a bit and next time he knew what I want. He could do the basic obedience commands at the age of 3 months, when he got Novice Trick Dog title. One month later he could obtain Intermediate Trick Dog title.

If you are working with your dog without a leash, it might be a bit difficult to explain what you want. I wanted him to heel backward staying at my left leg while I make a cycle right at the same place. I sent Duncan to his kennel and called his father Anakin. We got in front of Duncan´s kennel and Anakin was heeling. He did a couple of times what I wanted to teach to Duncan.

Duncan, as if he knew we are there to teach him, was sitting in front of the kennel door and watching. I kenneled up Anakin and let Duncan out. I leashed him to make it easier for him, but in fact, there was no need for it. He just copied his father. I couldn´t believe he can do it so well for the first time. At the age of 5 months, he got Advanced Trick Dog title.

Protection and show training

Duncan Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo - there can be only one

Duncan Cerberus Illusion is 11 months old at this moment. We started protection training by this time as well as show training. He has been learning plenty of things all the time. We had a pause in Trick Dog due to my business and preparation for the Trick Dog Instructor Certificate. Soon he will continue with the next level.

Duncan is getting better and better day by day, he is getting closer and closer to my heart every day. He makes me smile each day. Any time I open the door, he is there. Always keeping eye contact and watching each my wish or command. If there is no command – he just heels or gets between my legs watching up, walking with me and waiting for any kind command (voice, hand, other). It is unbelievable how eager a dog can be to work with his bellowed owner, with the owner he chose himself, only for himself.

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