My dogs

My dogs

My first Cimarron Uruguayo

Connie and Cora - my dogs
Connie and Cora

In my Dog Blog you can read about my first dogs. But my first Cimarron Uruguayo dogs were two females – Connie and Cora. Their father is Garra Charrua De Los Nogales (breeder: Luis Alfonso Meny) and mother – Las Raices Yeruti (breeder: Gonzalo Ferreira). I trained both females since the age of 8 weeks. They did great job in obedience, protection and tracking as well. This helped me to find out the abilities of Cimarron Uruguayo.

Decision to breed

The decision for breeding came after health tests of both females with excellent results. Dogs used for breeding must be absolutely healthy. X-rays of hips, elbows and spine are made, too. Cerberus Illusion kennel uses only dogs with excellent health results, free of dysplasia. They must also have excellent character and working potential.

Selection of the first male to my dogs

Cimarron Uruguayo - Cerberus Illusion - my dogs
Tinu and Misia Maura De Aqueronte

I chose the first male for mating very carefully to suit both females, while health and character was very important. Finally, I found Tinu De Aqueronte – the sire of our first 3 litters. He came to us together with Misia Maura De Aqueronte. Both were born in Uruguay (breeder: Adriana Romero Doldan), with HD-A (free of dysplasia). Tinu is the 4th and Maura the 5th generation of dogs with only HD-A in pedigree!!! Both are trained in obedience, Tinu loves protection and Maura fetching.

FOUR generations born at Cerberus Illusion

Cerberus Illusion kennel breeds Cimarron Uruguayo. I believe in my own breeding that is why I kept at home 4 puppies from the first three litters.

Excellent health, character, working ability and anatomy according to the FCI standard are the most important factors in Cerberus Illusion kennel.

Currently (July 2023) we have 14 Cimarrons at home. Four of them are the parents of our first three litters. The next four, Anakin, Belona, Beulah and Beowulf Cerberus Illusion are the first generation puppies of Tinu with Connie and Cora, who stayed at home. Duncan Cerberus Illusion is the 3rd generation of my own working Cimarrons, wonderful son of his wonderful father Anakin and mummy Misia Maura. Duncan sired 3 litters with 3 different females (Beulah, Belona and Cora) while we kept at home Fatima (daughter of Beulah) and Hestia (daughter of Cora). The latest dog kept at home are Ivanhoe and Inari after Anakin and our new import female Albira Alma Celeste (breeder: Ladislava Červinková). More information available under the name of each dog.