How to train a dog to give paw

How to train a dog to give paw

Today I will show you how to train a dog to give paw. In our first video about dog training, we showed you not only how to train your puppy to sit but also how to select the appropriate place and treat for training. We also mentioned all the important things, which you should keep in mind if working with a small puppy. Shortly, you must be very patient and use positive reinforcement only. Your puppy will enjoy the training with you if you will praise it, give it its favorite treat and play a lot during training. As soon as both of you will have plenty of fun during training, you both will enjoy it.

Do I need a special breed of dog?

Belona Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo how to train your puppy to give paw
Belona Cerberus Illusion – Cimarron Uruguayo

To have a kind companion, it does not matter which breed our dogs are. They can be purebred as well as mixed dogs. Regardless their breed they can become well trained.

“Listen” to your puppy

Belona Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo how to train your puppy to give paw

Now, how to get a well-trained dog? You must listen, what your puppy tries to tell you. Keep in mind that training will build better relationship between you. Because the training does not mean that you give a command and your puppy just does it for the first time. The training is a complex communication between you and your dog. You both are learning how to understand each other´s language as well as body language. That is why you should be very patient. As a puppy can concentrate only for a short time (a couple of minutes), give it several playing breaks during training.

Steps, how to train your puppy to give paw

ANAKIN cerberus illusion cimarron uruguayo How to train a dog to give paw
ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion – How to train a dog to give paw
  1. Obtain a variety of small soft treats (small pieces of sausages).
  2. Capture your puppy’s attention.
  3. Show the puppy a treat.
  4. Command your puppy to “sit”
  5. Give your puppy a treat after it sits down
  6. Show the puppy another treat but then hide it into your closed palm. Move your palm with the hidden treat above its nose. If he tried to get the treat by his mouth ignore it as it is not the desired behavior. When your puppy cannot just take the treat by its mouth, it will intuitively try to pull down your hand by its paw.
  7. Praise your puppy even if it moves a bit its paw or lifts it from the ground. You can reward verbally even if it shifts his weight to lift his paw. You can praise it verbally by words like “good”, “clever boy”, “yes” etc.
  8. Have your other hand prepared for the case your puppy lifts its paw. Grab its paw as soon as it lifts it a bit.
  9. Reward your puppy by the treat. If you will ignore the undesired behavior (usage of mouth) and reward only the desired behavior (lifting of its paw), your puppy will repeat the desired behavior.
  10. Praise your puppy’s behavior.
  11. Repeat a couple of times the command give paw (Steps 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10), (no more than 2-3 minutes).
  12. Play with the puppy so as it has positive feeling connected with the training.

Later, you can train your puppy to give you its right paw then left paw exchanges so many times as you wish. You can as well do this trick by two dogs at the same time.

If you prefer reading “How to train a dog to give paw” in Spanish, click here.

With the help of my Cimarron Uruguayo dogs and EADD CHANNEL we will show you step by step how to train your puppy and later your adult dog. Thus you can have your dream dog, which will do whatever you want from it.

I would like to thank very much to EADD CHANNEL
for creating us this wonderful video!

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