How to bond with your dog

How to bond with your dog

I decided to write about something really important – the relationship between the dog and its owner. I have a wonderful day today because I got up with a fantastic feeling. As soon as I awoke next to my dog, he was so lucky seeing me again. Each time when we get up, he gives me millions of small kisses as if I have just returned from death. This makes me laugh every morning. It is so cute and at the same time so positive seeing how much my dog loves me. He is 2 years old and it was plenty of time spent together to build this kind of bond. Today I try to explain to you how you can achieve such a strong bond with your dog.

ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion cimarron uruguayo how to bond with your dog
ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion – Cimarron Uruguayo

Dog in the bed

At least one of my Cimarron Uruguayo dogs usually sleeps inside of my house or even in my bed. In the majority of cases, it is Anakin Cerberus Illusion. He usually sleeps close to me with his head on my neck. Those, who allow their dogs into the bed know what a wonderful feeling this is. You can not only feel the warmth of your dog´s body, but also a special bond, due to which your dog wants to be so close to you. It is a good sign if your dog wants to be as close to you as possible. Thus he is also telling “I love you”.

Difference between keeping a dog inside or outside

There are people, who prefer keeping dogs out of their bed or even out of the house. If someone is working away from home, he/she usually gets home tired. People generally spend most of the day inside, not outside in the yard or garden. So, if such a person prefers keeping her/his dog only outside, they are together a limited amount of time – when this person is outside with the dog. I myself work from home and raise all puppies born at my kennel in the house, where I am almost 24/7 with them. If I keep a puppy at home, it stays inside – the majority of the time with me. Why?

Dog inside for better bond with your dog

ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion cimarron uruguayo how to bond with your dog
ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion – how to bond with your dog

I allow my dogs into my house because they not only learn plenty of things like this, but we can spare much more time together. They can “help” me cooking, doing all the work within the household, watching movies, listening to the music etc. So, finally, they become well socialized to many things. But, at the same time, the more time you spend with your dog, the more important you are for it! Your dog creates a strong bond with you and not with the other dogs in the pack. If you are together, you can pet it, you can play together and you both can communicate a lot together thus learning the way of communication of each other.

When to start to bond with your dog

As soon as you bring your puppy home everything you do will determine the relationship between you two. I cannot repeat enough how important it is to be always positive when working with a dog. You should never beat your dog or scream with your puppy because otherwise, it will fear you! You should behave only nice with your puppy, even if it will do bad things (as puppies usually do bad things before we train them what behavior is desired and which is not welcome). Of course, your puppy must respect you as well as you must respect your dog. If you spend time with your dog – do not chat or phone but spend quality time together.

Talking to a dog

ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion cimarron uruguayo how to bond with your dog

Some dog experts will tell you not to talk with your dog, as it cannot understand human language. During long years I got to the conclusion, each my dog understand more and more by age. I.e. the more I talk to it, the more words it can understand. At the same time I found out, they are really happy if you talk to them.

Try to talk to your dog and watch its facial mimics and body language. First dogs are surprised when you start talking to them. Then, they try to communicate with you. Try to find out what your puppy is telling you. If you can understand it, it will be happier than ever before. I think the majority of dogs thinks – people cannot understand dogs. And they are true! So if you will belong among those, who can understand, you will be a “really special human” in the eyes of your dog!

Playing a lot to bond with your dog

The best way to build a strong bond with your dog is to play a lot together. You can try fetching with various kind of balls or teddy bears. You can pull rope (or soft teddy bears) together or search for hidden objects or treats. I am sure, soon you will find out what your puppy enjoys the most.

Go out for a walk

After your puppy finished its basic vaccination program (ask your vet about when it is safe to take your puppy out), you can start walking. It is very useful as well as joyful activity. Your puppy will socialize for many new places, foreign people, cars, trucks, buses, etc. and at the same time, it will trust you more and more as you will support it during difficult situations. You should already know your puppy´s body language by this time. If you see that it is not feeling comfortable in a situation, you must save it out of that situation. You should help your puppy to build self-confidence. If your puppy has a positive feeling with new things, it will like them. So try to achieve it to have only positive experiences.

Dog training

Another way how to bond with your dog is to train it. It does not matter which activity or dog sport you choose. Just find out in which field your puppy is talented and start training it. Train your puppy each day for a couple of minutes. As soon as you can find 5 minutes a day for training, finally you will have not only a well-trained dog but also a bog, which will have so strong bond with you it will be ready to even die for you.

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