My first protection dog

My first protection dog

You already know my story how my first dog got to me. If not, you can read it here. After I had lost my Harry, I used to be very sad, because I missed so much that four-legged little being. At that moment I did not know my next dog would become also my first protection dog.

I did not tell anything to my parents, when they asked, why I was crying. Only my grandpa knew it had been due to the loss of my best friend. As years passed away our family was living without a dog. When I was 11, my life changed from one day to another. I lost my beloved grandpa. First time in my life I felt as if I was left alone in the whole world… It was the hardest time in my whole life.

My schoolmate

One day, I think it was before spring holidays at our school, my schoolmate and good friend wanted to talk to me. He told me, there were two little puppies at their neighbors. It was next to our music school, where we both were going. That is why he offered to have a look at the puppies together after piano class. Of course, I liked this idea and the same day I met Pufi. She was the same color as Dobermans. I wanted that puppy. I knew it since the first moment. But, there was a huge obstacle – my mother. She did not want any dog as with four kids she was busy enough even without having a dog at home.

Getting my mum´s “yes” for a dog

That day I went home and told my mum about Pufi. First, she told me, she has no money for a dog. But that was no problem. The puppy should have been a gift. She had plenty of arguments, why we cannot have a dog. At the same time, I had plenty of arguments claiming the opposite. I was 11, so after a long discussion, from the position of an adult, she ended the discussion. I expected that result. She did not permit any dog.

After this, we had one week spring holiday at school. When we returned back to school, my schoolmate was curious about the decision of my Mum. We both were sad about the negative result. One day my schoolmate had bad news. The owner wanted to euthanize Pufi, as there was no owner for her. As soon as I arrived home I told my mummy that the puppy would be put asleep. That was the moment when her heart started to work. She allowed me to bring that puppy home. But, only if it will stay in the corridor, not in rooms, under no condition in my bed and as soon as it is warmer outside – it will go out from house!

Pufi in her new home

Pufi came to us the same day. My mum was the first person who melted after seeing her. She prepared her a super place in the corridor. I moved out from the living room to the puppy as well as the rest of the family. Both my parents agreed that this wonderful puppy cannot be left alone the first night. They advised to take it into my room but only next to my bed. Thus we started to break all the rules, which we set up before. Of course the puppy ended in my bed as soon as parents said good night to us. It was the dog, which showed even to my Mum, how special dogs could be, how much love they could give and how clever they were. Soon, my bed and our couch in the living room became the favorite place of Pufi.

First time training a dog

Pufi was the first dog ever, which I had been training by myself. During that, we had plenty of joy. We both were learning many things from each other. She knew basic obedience, she loved searching hidden things and many more tricks. Before I started training her, a hunter warned me that we could not train a hunting dog for some things. And under no circumstance we can train it for protection. Pufi showed me, he was wrong.

My first protection dog

Belona cerberus illusion cimarron uruguayo protection training
Second training of a future protection dog

Once we were in the town with my mum. She went to buy something to a stall so I stayed further away with Pufi waiting for her. I told Pufi “sit, stay” and she did well regardless how many people went by, how many tried to talk to her.

But, then, suddenly a drunken man went by. He wanted to come close to me with words: “What a cute dogie”. It was absolutely not comfortable for me, so I moved the leash upwards. Pufi behaved as a professional protection dog. She intuitively jumped, as if reading my mind, directly catching the man´s closing arm. The man was lucky he was wearing a thick coat. Pufi released him after the bite thus giving him time to move backwards. My mum could just notice one bark and a man moving fast from us. In that moment I was so proud of my dog, so happy she protected me in real, without being trained too much for that. That was the moment when I recognized that a dog, who loves you, will do EVERYTHING for you.

Many times I thought I would no more have such a fantastic dog as Pufi was. I thought I could have only ONE such a dog during a lifetime. But I was wrong…

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