ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion

ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion

Anakin Cerberus Illusion is the absolutely first born puppy in Cerberus Illusion kennel. It was his mother – Connie, who chose me this puppy. She chose her ALPHA puppy. Connie behaved another way to him than to the rest of the litter. She was very serious with him (since the first week), not having excused anything to him. I trusted to my female as well as to destiny. I kept Anakin at home. She taught him unbelievable things thus preparing me the best dog in my life.

Anakin Cerberus Illusion cimarron uruguayo puppy - my first dog
Anakin Cerberus Illusion – cimarron uruguayo puppy

Anakin has bees incredible since he was a puppy. Having been deaf and blind yet already wanted to show to his mum how strong he was. Yet in the playpen, he was never giving up. If his mother “told NO” he tried another time and even another after her attack. He must have been the most bothering puppy for his mum.

His way of communication with me surpassed that of an ordinary puppy. He asked for food the same way as his mum and if it did not work (he thought I did not understand) he tried his father’s way. I saw his mother as well as the father in his gestures. He was my little genius. He was understanding more and more day by day.

It is incredible if you talk to your dog, one day you just notice, he understands each your word. And as soon as you let your dog live close to you, you once realize that he just KNOWS. He knows what you want, how you feel, what he should do.

The dog who would die for me

Anakin Cerberus Illusion - Best Cimarron Uruguayo In Europe
Anakin Cerberus Illusion – Cimarron Uruguayo

The best dog, which I could ever imagine by my side. The dog, who is really reading my mind. He knows exactly what I want from him before I give any command. He feels what I am feeling. If I do not feel comfortable with a person outside, he just keeps him/her in an acceptable distance from me. Anakin does not need to attack anybody. He is winning the battles much sooner – in his head. The way how he stands in front of a person, the way how he is watching each his/her movement, as well as the message in his eyes, discourage everybody from harming his beloved owner. He knows he is a strong male and his ego is above the clouds.

His intuition concerning strangers is unpayable. He inherited the perfect intuition and skills also for survival from his mum. At the same time, he is watching each wish of his owner – me. This dog would die for his owner. This is the character, which I noticed at almost all of my Cimarron Uruguayo dogs. Their owner is number one for them. They are incorruptible and absolutely loyal to the person, who they love.

Dog for sale?

Anakin will be soon father of our D litter. The reservation list for his puppies is already open. If you are interested in a puppy after this special dog, feel free to contact me.

Many people have been asking me whether Anakin is available for sale. I do not sell a dog, who would be ready to die for me and is watching each my wish. I am willing to sell puppies – till a moment. Till the moment, when SOMETHING happens. SOMETHING changes and the dog, who was available for sale yesterday is no more for sale. Because it persuaded me its place was by my side. Anakin has already persuaded me many times – already as a puppy.

Guarding even asleep

He is my best protector and a guard dog who signalizes me impossible things without having even been trained for that. He was 4 months old, sleeping in my bed. It was long after midnight when somebody just tried to open my gate c. 15 meters from the house. He woke up barking like crazy, I (almost got heart attack) watched out of the window and somebody had just moved away from my gate. As soon as that person heard the crazy dog barking, he/she changed his/her mind. His barking sounded like the sound of an adult big dog.

No, my property is really not the best place for intruders. After AnakinĀ“s barking – the rest of the pack did their job. Each of them is guarding and signalizing in other distances, some are just hunters, waiting silently so as the prey to come as close as possible. That is why the puppy inside could bark first.

Work and training

Son of a working female, who inherited his motherĀ“s great working potential, improved by his fatherĀ“s excellent prey drive. A real working dog who is eager to work.

Trained in: obedience and protection. Some of our working videos are available also here.

Show results


Serbian Grand Champion
Hungarian Champion
Serbian Champion
Transylvanian Champion
Romanian Champion
Hungarian Junior Champion
Serbian Junior Champion
Derby Winner 2017
Best Derby Winner 2017
Hungarian Molosser Club Winner 2018
BIS Best Brace 1st place
4x HPJ, 8x CAC, 1x CACL (champion class), 5x CACIB, PRM, 2x Junior BOB, 5x BOS, 8x BOB

Anakin during show training

Health results

Hip dysplasi: free – HD-A/A
Elbow dysplasia: free – ED-0/0
Spine: excellent


A litter Cerberus Illusion Cimarron Uruguayo
Parents of A litter Cerberus Illusion – Cimarron Uruguayo