Unbelievable bad experience of our little Harry Potter at a dog show

Unbelievable bad experience of our little Harry Potter at a dog show

At the several first dog shows Harry Potter met a lot of dogs, people, new things and he behaved very well. He was lucky and friendly. It looked like a beginning of a nice adventure with his owner who he loved so much. He did great job in the ring where he entered as an experienced show dog, not as the minor puppy first times standing in the ring. From each show he took home very promising 1 and best minor puppy. It was similar also at this show so he could enter the main ring.

Harry Potter competing in minor puppy BIS

There were many cute doggies starting their show career that were competing in the main show ring. Everybody cannot win, of course. For a puppy the presence in the best in show (BIS) ring is much more about the socialization. Thus it can get accustomed to load sounds, music, many people, other dogs standing one next to each other, etc. We usually praise our puppies and young dogs a lot at dog shows in order to boost their self confidence and let then gain as much positive experience as possible. Except of this, we do our best to have a wonderful day together. For me personally each dog show is a kind of trip with my dog, where we can fully concentrate on each other and spend a beautiful day together and with our friends – both 2- and 4-legged.

Are the show titles more important than the well-being of a puppy

Unfortunately in the case of Harry Potter this day did not finish like a nice experience. Evidently, the show titles meant much more for his owner than her little puppy who should had been her best friend and companion for his whole life. He was punished just because he did not win in the minor puppy BIS. After this dog show Harry Potter got home and in fact he did not understand what happened. When next the time for the next dog show came, he was afraid. He did not know what he made bad last time, so he behaved like an exchanged dog. Even people who met him sooner noticed the difference. Unfortunately his life was difficult not only at the dog shows.

To be continued soon…

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